Process industrialization

Process Industrialisation

EFFEDUE Srl has an expert staff, capable of analysing all productive process for the
manufacturing of any component. After an intense productive cycle, there is often the need for a
performance optimization, by reducing production costs without diminishing the overall quality. 

EFFEDUE’s technicians are able to provide all the best solutions to combine high-performing
product efficiency with sustainable costs: for example, by suggesting additional or different
machining phases, alternative materials or specific heat treatments, always guaranteeing a high-
level performance, thanks to a deep expertise in metallurgy together with a long-standing
experience in several sectors of mechanics. We believe that it is fundamental to support our
customers the best we can; our goal is to be considered not only mere suppliers but reliable

Order Management

Thanks to the introduction of Lean Management techniques together with a new ERP software, Effedue is able to guarantee the constant monitoring of all production cycles. We can also make statistical surveys and analysis that allow us to evaluate and control our supplies for all complementary finishing (i.e. coatings, heat treatments)


Flexibility and reactivity are keywords for us. In order to satisfy the most different customer's needs, EFFEDUE offers a large variety of services such as laboratory analysis or feasibility studies.

In our 1500 m² factory we manufacture turned and milled components, ranging from single units or prototypes up to small, medium and big batches. All complementary machining and treatments, according to our customer’s technical specifications, are carried out together with a network of specialised local partners.


Our services

Flessibilità e reattività sono parole chiavi dell’azienda. Al fine di soddisfare le svariate esigenze dei clienti, Effedue Srl è in grado di offrire una vasta gamma di servizi dagli esami di laboratorio all'analisi di fattibilità.



Today EFFEDUE is an efficient and reliable partner for several consolidated entities at national and international level, operating in a wide range of branches and sectors: