Lean production and corporate social responsibility

Lean production

Since Effedue aims to a continuous improvement in its performance both as production and as administration and management, we decided to undertake the Certification of the Lean Production.

As Lean Production we refer to the Japanese “work philosophy” that puts together techniques and tools in order to optimize productivity, time, human resources and enhances the quality level by reducing the wastefulness.

The most important tools of the Lean Production Management is the 5 stars method which indicates the 5 essential phases boosting performance and efficiency.

Effedue follows these 5 phases:

  1. Identification process of excess and waste from what is really necessary

  2. Keep all tools in well-defined positions in order to reduce any potential time waste and by making them more accessible to workers

  3. Cleanliness and order of all work stations

  4. Standardisation and improvement thanks to the three previous phases

  5. Maintenance, check and improvement of the results obtained all across the process


Flexibility and reactivity are keywords for us. In order to satisfy the most different customer's needs, EFFEDUE offers a large variety of services such as laboratory analysis or feasibility studies.

In our 1500 m² factory we manufacture turned and milled components, ranging from single units or prototypes up to small, medium and big batches. All complementary machining and treatments, according to our customer’s technical specifications, are carried out together with a network of specialised local partners.


Our services

Flessibilità e reattività sono parole chiavi dell’azienda. Al fine di soddisfare le svariate esigenze dei clienti, Effedue Srl è in grado di offrire una vasta gamma di servizi dagli esami di laboratorio all'analisi di fattibilità.



Today EFFEDUE is an efficient and reliable partner for several consolidated entities at national and international level, operating in a wide range of branches and sectors: